This is Highway Hell, an action endless runner about escaping LA traffic in hell. Run over other vehicles, blow stuff up, and get eaten by The Sukkening. There is no escape, but at least you can try. :)

Dominick Tamras- Design, VFX and Shaders, Programming (The Sukk King)

Larry Wu - Design, 3D Modeling, Big Brain Programming

Chris Ting - Design, God of the Programming

David Zheng - Design, Programming, A tad bit of VFX, Weeb

Sherry He - Design, Art Senpai

Louis Addison - Design, Programming, Awesome Big Brain VFX

Arpad Kovesdy - Design, Programming, Poppin off hard, Astro-Engineer

Cameron Spence - Design, Programming, Poppin off hard, Astro-Engineer

Ziare Rene - Design, Blessing our ears with amazing music

Other Credits:

Simple FX - Cartoon Particles

Camera Shake FX


Highway Hell (Windows).zip 81 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract.

Then, double click on Highway Hell.exe


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This game unironically saved my life from eternal boredom by being the best game I have played in over 30 years. I haven't even been alive for 30 years.

My spirit animal is the succ monster

Game of the year, already decided.

Game of many years

Really captures the feeling of being Sukked...


Game of the Year? Probably.

Very cool.